Quarries Alive conference is postponed to 2021

Due to the measures taken to deal with the progression of the Covid-19, we regret to announce the postponement of the in [...]

Dynamic management of pioneer grasslands

In a quarry, the exploitation constantly disturbs the soil and creates new habitats. Among these, the pioneering grassla [...]

Creation of pionner ponds

Extractive activity also generates the release of an element essential to all life, fresh water. In a quarry, it's  the [...]

Creation of permanent ponds

Permanent stretches of quarry water hold rich habitats which ensure the subsistence – food and reproduction – of numerou [...]

Loose cliffs

By its very nature extractive activities onerous heaps of fine and loose materials. Common in some pits such habitats ca [...]

Quarries alive 2020

The 2nd edition of the Quarries alive International Conference will be held at the University of Liège, Belgium, June 24 [...]

Restoration and management of grazed meadows

Eco-grazing or extensive grazing is making a strong comeback for the management of public, private or protected areas wi [...]

EUgreenweek – LIFE In Quarries – Partner Event

The #EUGreenWeek partner event organized on tuesday 14th of May was an opportunity to share progress of the project, leg [...]


We are pleased to announce the diffusion of the LIFE IN QUARRIES video presentation recorded in the participating quarri [...]

Positive wind for the second phase of the project…

Large enthusiasm from the quarry sector allows a first list of quarries for the second phase of the project: Carmeuse (E [...]

Continuation of biological inventories

Despite a rainy spring, inventories of fauna and flora have confirmed the biological interest of the first phase quarrie [...]