Large enthusiasm from the quarry sector allows a first list of quarries for the second phase of the project.

Thanks to the high degree of interest generated by our project, we are now able to draw up the list of the extractives sites that will join us for the second part of Life in Quarries !


The first phase of the Life in Quarries project was dedicated to the testing and development of good dynamic biodiversity management practices over 12 operational quarry sites in the Walloon region.


During the following phase, we shall repeat and develop those good practices (that have been validated on the firsts 12 sites) in 12 other quarries. Another goal, set by the European Commission will be to transfer our experience on 2 other quarry sites abroad.

The 12 others

  • Carmeuse
  • CCB
  • Carrières Unies de Porphyre (CUP)
  • Holcim
  • Lhoist
  • Sagrex
  • Solvay
  • Sibelco
  • Nelles

As already said, the main goal of the Life in Quarries project is to develop and make sustainable the hosting capacity of biodiversity in in various quarries in Wallonia.

The originality of this project is based on the implementation of biodiversity management measures during the extractive phase and not only as part of rehabilitation at the end of works.