The extractive industry


The extractive industry includes all economic activities aiming to extract soil aggregates such as limestone, dolomite, porphyry, sandstone, gravel and sand, clay, blue stone, marble, slate, coticule, etc and subject them to transformation.
This sector represents :


73 million tonnes of rock extracted and sold in Belgium in 2015 


production sites


direct employees


indirect employees


The uses for the raw materials extracted from the quarries are numerous.  We use them everyday: toothpaste, production of sugar, paper, glass, paints, colourings, varnishes and primers.  In agriculture, these products are used in food conservation. In the environment, they are used in the treatment of water, sludge, smoke and household waste, as well as in steel, chemicals, construction or civil engineering.






The Life in Quarries project proves operational biodiversity solutions can be proposed and implemented through controlled investments benefiting environmental protectors as well as the private sector.

The aim is defining measures which are acceptable to the private operator, which are legally and scientifically valid and favourable to biodiversity. The partnership forged on this basis includes the private sector, authorities, scientists, NGOs.

The Life in Quarries project is led by FEDIEX in partnership with the Walloon region (Department of Nature and Forests), University of Liège -Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech, Biodiversity and Landscape Unit, Natagora asbl and the Parc naturel des Plaines de l’Escaut.

FEDIEX (Fédération de l’Industrie Extractive et Transformatrice de Belgique)

FEDIEX is a professional federation with a national and regional vocation including all small and large businesses performing mining or transforming non-combustible rocks.

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The Walloon region

The Directorate of Nature for the Department of Nature and Forests (DNF) coordinates actions in the entire territory to ensure the maintenance and development of biodiversity by ensuring the application of the Law on Nature Conservation.

The involvement of the Department of Nature and Forests for the Walloon region develops interest from the public in the initiatives guaranteeing the maintenance and development of biodiversity in the economic activity zones.

The Life in Quarries project is part of the philosophy of the Wallonia Nature Network aiming to improve the potential to house wildlife wherever possible and through each representative within the field of its activities. The project aims to create networks of habitats favourable to the development of rare and protected populations.  However, the goal is also the cohabitation between biodiversity and mining in quarries.

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ULg – Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech – Biodiversity and Landscape Unit

ULg develops fundamental and applied research projects and awareness-raising actions in the areas of biodiversity management, management of biological invasions, functional and evolutionary ecology and landscape ecology.

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Natagora is a non-profit association for the protection of nature active in Wallonia and Brussels. The goal is to control the loss of biodiversity and restore a good general state of nature in balance with human activities. Natagora acquires nature reserves (over 4,300 hectares), restore rare environments, studies species, offers tours, discovery walks and trainings, etc.

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PNPE (Parc Naturel des Plaines de l’Escaut)

PNPE defines three missions to preserve and improve the living quality of its inhabitants and their environment: preserving the natural landscape of the nature park, developing  local economic resources, making citizens aware about the preservation of their environment.

The management of this park involves restoration and nature conservation, environmental protection, land use actions, support for agro-environmental measures, education and awareness, tourism development, rural and economic development.

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Calcaires de la Sambre 

Company name: Calcaires de la Sambre
Address: Rue Blanc Caillou, 1 à 6111 Landelies
Activity type: limestone
Tonnage: 650,000 T/year
Number of employees: 35 workers and 7 employees

Carrières du Hainaut

Company name: Carrière du Hainaut
Address: rue de Cognebeau 245 à 7060 Soignies
Activity type: Blue stone
Tonnage: 40,000 m³
Number of employees/workers: 450

Carrière du Clypot 

Company name: Compagnie des Ciments Belges (C.C.B)
Address: Chemin des Carrières, n°17063 Neufvilles, Belgium
Activity type: Mining of solid rock for the production of aggregates and ornamental rocks (small granite deposit)

Carrière de Moha 

Company name: Carmeuse – Site de Moha
Address: Rue Val Notre-Dame 300 à 4520 Moha (Wanze)
Activity type: Limestone (chalk)
Tonnage: 2,200,000 T/year
Number of employees: 75

Carrière du Milieu 

Company name: LafargeHolcim
Address: Grand Route 19 – 7530 Gaurain Ramecroix
Activity type: Limestone
Tonnage: 4,000,000 T/year factory – 10,000,000 T/year quarry
Number of employees: 51

Carrière de Trooz

Company name: LafargeHolcim
Address: Route de Verviers, 56 4870 Trooz
Activity type: Sandstone, flank hill
Tonnage: 400.000 T/year
Number of employees: 12

Carrières d’Yvoir

Company name: SECY (Société d’exploitation des Carrières d’Yvoir)
Address: 36 rue du Redeau à 5530 Yvoir
Activity type: Sandstone aggregates
Production capacity: 600,000 T/year
Number of employees/workers: 15

Carrière de Bierghes 

Company name: Carrières Unies de Porphyre (CUP)
Address: Chaussée Maïeur Habils 177,       1430 Rebecq
Activity type: porphyry aggregate
Tonnage: 400,000 T/year
Number of employees: 22

Carrière des Monts de Baileux 

Company name: Carrières Unies de Porphyre (CUP)
Address: Route Charlemagne 9b, à 6464 Baileux (Chimay)
Activity type: Limestone aggregates
Tonnage: 300,000 T/year
Number of employees: 11

Sablières Lannoy 

Company name: Sablières Lannoy
Address: Rue du Chalet, 18 à 6747 Châtillon
Activity type: Sand mining
Tonnage: 200.000 T/year
Number of employees: 5

Carrière d’Hermalle 

Company name: Lhoist – Hermalle
Address: rue de la Mallieue, 95 à 4470 Saint-Georges-sur-Meuse
Activity type: Limestone + transformation of dolostone
Tonnage: 1 million T/year
Number of employees: approx. 200 direct employees

Carrière de Lustin 

Company name: CBR s.a.
Address: Rue de Tailfer, 14 à 5170 Lustin
Activity type: sandstone
Tonnage: 300,000 T/year
Number of employees: 12

Carrière Les Petons 

Company name: Carrières Les Petons sprl
Address: Rue Beau Séjour 52 à 5650 Yves-Gomezée
Activity type: Limestone aggregate
Tonnage: 1.100.000 T/year
Number of employees: 31 + 11 subcontractors

Carrière de Steinbach

Company name: Carrière de SteinbachTrageco
Address: 71 Rue Hottleux à 4950 Waimes
Activity type: Sandstone aggregates
Production capacity: 200,000 T/year
Number of employees/workers: 15

Carrière de Gaurain-Ramecroix

Company name: Compagnie des Ciments Belges (CCB)
Address: 260, Grand-route à 7530 Gaurain-Ramecroix
Activity type: Cement plant and limestone aggregates
Production capacity: 4,200,000t/year of aggregates and 1,800,000t/year of cements
Number of employees/workers: 221


Company name: Colas Belgium
Address: 192, rue d’Aywaille à Comblain-au-Pont
Activity type: Limestone aggregates
Production capacity: 300.000 t/year
Number of employees/workers: 5

Carrière de Frasnes

Company name: Carmeuse
Address: 57, rue de la Chavée à 5660 Frasnes-lez-Couvins
Activity type: Limestone aggregates and lime kilns
Production capacity: 800.000 t/year
Number of employees/workers: 20

Carrière de Leffe

Company name: LafargeHolcim
Address: 1, Rue de Spontin à 5500 Leffe
Activity type: limestone aggregates
Production capacity: 600.000 t/year
Number of employees/workers: 15

Carrière de On-Jemelle

Company name: Lhoist
Address: 12, Rue du Gerny à 5580 Jemelle
Activity type: Limestone and lime production
Production capacity: 419.000 t/year
Number of employees/workers: 100

Dolomies de Marche-les-Dames

Company name: Lhoist
Address: 1, rue Haigneaux, à 5300 Namèche
Activity type: Quarry and kilns in Dolomies
Production capacity: 3.400.000 t/year
Number of employees/workers: 188

Carrière de la Warche

Company name: Nelles – Frères
Address: Au-dessus des Trous à 4960 Malmedy
Activity type: Shale sandstone – Aggregates + ornamental stone
Production capacity: 45.000 t/year
Number of employees/workers: 7

Carrière de Quenast

Company name: Sagrex
Address: 42, rue de Rebecq à 1430 Rebecq
Activity type: porphyry aggregates
Production capacity: 1.500.000 t/year
Number of employees/workers: 56

Carrière d’Antoing

Company name: CBR – Sagrex
Address: 37, rue du coucou à 7640 Antoing
Activity type: Limestone
Production capacity: 3.200.000 t/year
Number of employees/workers: 3

Carrière d’Haut-le-Wastia

Company name: Colas Belgium
Address: Rue de Redeau 5530 Yvoir
Activity type: sandstone
Production capacity: 200.000 t/year
Number of employees/workers: 15

Carrière de Lessines

Company name: Carrières Unies de Porphyre (CUP)
Address: Chaussée Gabrielle Richet 193/B, 7860 Lessines
Activity type: crushed stone
Production capacity: 1.800.000 t/year
Number of employees/workers: pers

Carrière de l’Ermitage

Company name: LafargeHolcim
Address: Rue des Sergents, 20 7864 Ermitage
Activity type: Porphyry
Production capacity: 1.400.000 t/year
Number of employees/workers: 50


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