Permanent stretches of quarry water hold rich habitats which ensure the subsistence – food and reproduction – of numerous plant and animal species, such as the northern crested newt and the midwife toad.

A crested Newt, the rarest Newt species in Belgium.
The creation of these ponds can be done using a mechanical shovel. Various water supplies can be used for the creation of ponds:
  • groundwater: a depression can be dug to reach the level of the groundwater. This technique can, for example, be used at the edge of old mining pits which are often flooded ;
  • water flow : the channeling of existing flows, such as drains, ensures the water supply of the pond ;
  • precipitation: the digging of a depression in compacted or clayey materials allows rainwater to accumulate.
If the substrate is not sufficiently waterproof, place a layer of clay at least 50 cm thick over the entire surface. The addition of aquatic plants is not necessary. Indeed, these will naturally colonize the newly created ponds.