A lack of ambition for quarries in Quebec

Andrée Gendron is a biologist specialized in aquatic fauna and is co-spokes [...]

Finally a futur in Wallonia for the Yellow Bellied Toads ?

Our first re-introduction of  Yellow bellied toad's juveniles took place in [...]

Our crested newts are doing well thank you.

The first transfer of crested newt eggs in 2020 was made in late May. In th [...]

Trees & machetes

Yesterday our teams rolled up their sleeves and took out ... the machetes ! [...]

Riparia riparia, a swallow that digs burrows

Last year, a colony of sand Martins had established it’s summer neighbourho [...]

We are on board.

Somewhere on a polluted ocean, the largest, oldest, most complex and subtle [...]

The journey of our Natterjack toads

This spring 2020, hundreds of Natterjack toad's eggs have been transported [...]