In a quarry, the exploitation constantly disturbs the soil and creates new habitats. Among these, the pioneering grasslands are found in almost all sectors of the quarry.

Sometimes associated with temporary ponds, pioneer grasslands are home to a wide variety of annual plants and insects. In quarries, these grasslands may host breeding cycles for birds, such as the woodlark and the little ringed plover. Without management, a too regular disturbance can threaten these pioneering environments.


In the case of earthy embankments, a layer of pebbles, dust, or mineral waste can be added in order to develop a mineral substrate, making it possible to maintain a pioneering character. The substrate should not be smoothed, the micro-reliefs favoring a greater diversity of plants.

Dynamic management 

Trees and shrubs will gradually colonize pioneer grasslands, which diminishes their interest in biodiversity. Multi-year management is then necessary to maintain the pioneering nature of these grasslands. It can be carried out when the vegetation cover exceeds 75% of the surface.

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